Free Handlettered Fathers Day Card

Father’s Day Card – Free Download

Ever since I can remember I’ve been making my own cards. For birthdays, for Christmas, to say thank you – you name it. In more recent, busier times – however – I have come to realise the charm of a store bought card! But when push comes to shove – and if time will allow – I love to give a good old-fashioned hand-made card.

So for awhile now this card has been buzzing around in my head. It is inspired by the sight of my son when he was two years old, giving his dad exploding fist bumps – and that look of sheer delight on his little face when their knuckles touched and explosion sound effects filled the room!

So here it is. Here’s to the dads that light up their children’s faces, who teach them, who love them and who play with them. Here’s to the dads who bring the boom. We love you!


Scroll down for download instructions… (TIP** You’ll want to be on your computer to do this, not your phone)

Free Handlettered Fathers Day Card


1. Click here to download the free Happy Father’s Day card.
2. Right-click on the image and select “save image as” and save to your desktop (or a folder of your choice)
3. Print out the image onto an A4 sheet of paper – select shrink to fit
4. Turn the paper over so that the printed side is facing away from you, with ‘Dad, You Bring The Boom’ at the bottom of the page. make sure you match up the corners as closely as possible.
5. First fold the paper top to bottom – folding it down towards you. Use a clean, straight-edge to flatten the crease and make it really crisp. Go over it a few times with solid, even pressure.
6. Now fold it left to right, aligning the edges before pressing down and flattening the crease again.
4. Write your special message inside, colour-in the front, scribble in the inside – whatever you like! Then give it to Dad (Preferably accompanied by the hot breakfast of his choosing!)





Free Download Handlettered Fathers Day Card


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