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How to Frame Your A4 Art Print Without Breaking The Bank

Today I thought I would share my top picks for low-cost but good looking frames for your A4 prints, because there is nothing worse than buying a print you love, then wondering if the framing might cost more than the print itself!

Every Brave+ Brogue A4 print fits into either an A4 certificate frame, or a frame that is matted down to 20cm x 25cm. My preference is always to use a frame with a mat board as this increases the size and presence of the finished piece.

I have one all time favourite frame that I have bought for myself and for gifts from The Warehouse which is sturdy, aesthetically pleasing and gives an A4 print a great presence; the
Home & You Frame Horizon White 11cm x 14cm (8in x 10in) for $15. (Confusingly an almost identical frame is the Design House Frame Horizon White 11cm x 14cm (8in x 10in) – so take your pick!)

 Home & You Frame Horizon White 11cm x 14cm (8in x 10in)

Less Perfection, More Authenticity, A4 handlettered Print


The other one that I love that is of a slightly lesser quality, is the Roberta Frame from Kmart* for $10. This one has a great slim, angled white frame, with a double mat board which adds a nice quality feel to the finished product. The frame itself isn’t as solid as the Warehouse one above, but on the wall this looks great.

Roberta Frame - 8in. x 10in. (20cm x 25cm), White


Top Picks for Affordable Frames NZ

Those are my top picks for affordable white frames, but there are a few more in different colours that you might want to check out.

All of these frames fit any Brave + Brogue print. In no particular order they are…


*None of the Kmart frames can be purchased online in New Zealand… yet! So you will need to go to your local Kmart store to buy them.

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