‘Made With Love’ Print Collaboration with The Woven

Commission, Handlettering

Michelle from The Woven approached me to collaborate on a print that would match her gorgeous baby blanket.

The Eggshell colour palette is made up of a soft pink, a mushroom tone and a blue tone. We wanted to create a print that would echo the natural surrounding of Wanaka, and convey a message of love and encouragement that would sit above a new baby’s cot – and then last for years to come.

We brainstormed many phrases and the one that stood out from the rest was ‘Made With Love’.

For the design we knew we wanted a mountain-scape, so I sat down and thought about the elements I wanted it to include; a mountain range, the reflections in the lake and the hot Central Otago sun. Once I had the concept I wanted to bring texture into the print as I was inspired by the smooth twist merino look and feel. So I used the woolen texture in the mountains, then I used the lake texture in the reflections, and a stone texture in the mountains as well.

You can purchase the print from The Woven’s website by clicking here.